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There are no problems with my vagina itself just my clitoris. Another cause of discharge which could also lead to itching is the accumulation of smegma under the upper hood of the clitoris. I know it seems kinda strange and akward, especially if you're like me and get embarrassed by the idea of masturbatiuon, but it is the gentlest way of totally removing the smegma and not harming yourself in the process. It's definitely worth having a GYN look at you. Do not put anything inside baby's vagina. Brenda. Age: 22. Outfit requests welcomed Serafina. Age: 23. I am Anny if you want to experience the real thing, delivered hit pleasure just call me!!!guaranteed hygiene and privacy!!!!!if i can''t answer just will de glad to see you and to have fun together

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I hope that I have managed to answer your queries. Subscribe to our newsletter. It came off easily with wiping and water and I didn't notice any this morning and I'm curious what that may be. From what you've said here though, to me, it all sounds ok for the time being. It is present between skin folds such as between the lips of the vagina, the labia and also around the hood of the clitoris. White discharge after period. I am afraid as I came to know now that he is suffering from hepatitis B. Join over 1, subscribers and get the latest updates and exclusive content straight to your inbox. Is this normal for a girl my age? Visited the doctor, and got a myriad of medications. I just keep on crying,does anyone here have the same symptoms like me? In mild cases the dried smegma may only slightly irritate the clitoris, resulting in your daughter's need to rub or scratch it.

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What's that white stuff under my clit hood? - Virtual Teen Forums

It's making me self conscious and I'm about to have sex with my boyfriend and I don't want him to be grossed out about it It could signify anything from STD, candida or even cancer I am very grateful to the experts who answered me. I have been on the Estelle D pill since I was 17 for my acne. I'm wondering if this is normal? Discharge Definition Discharge can be a noun or a verb; it has multiple meanings in physics, chemistry, military, and legal usage. I feel so much better today, and upon further investigation believe that there is a chance that the responses I got saved me from a serious, even life threatening situation.

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